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Welcome to Sustainable Arizona
What Our State Could Be
Written by John Neville   


Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission WE NEED NET METERING & MORE SOLAR

Welcome to Sustainable Arizona - an organization dedicated to a vision of what our state can be when we all come together. Please take a tour of the site. You'll find that it is a portal to information on just about all aspects of sustainable development and green living. Our goal is to collaborate with other organizations and help create resilient communities across Arizona.

Visit our new project: Grow Organic Kids - we work with schools to visualize, strategize, layout and implement permaculture & sustainability principles to transform campuses into gorgeous, thriving living laboratories where children really learn.

Visit our Sustainable Arizona LinkedIn group. There is also a Sustainable Arizona group on Facebook.

We help green businesses succeed while protecting the natural environment and supporting strong communities and vibrant schools.

We're working on the One for the Verde initiative to help fund water conservation and open space projects.

Learn more about our positions on sustainable development in Arizona.

Check out What's Going on in Arizona.

"The best work of the 21st Century will be undoing some of the 'best' work of the 20th Century." John Grahame, Arizona Activist


Working Together
Written by John Neville   


We Don't Need Bottled Water - The Video - Sign HERE to be Bottled Water Free!

Food Corps is seeking people - Click Here.

The Arizona We Want - Learn More! Use the Solar Calculator

Learn the truth about solar energy.

On or Off the Reservation - Coal-Fired Plants are a Bad Idea.

Want some solutions - visit Community Solutions.

Need help with your home - check out the Resource List for Northern Arizona or Visit our Green Building section and there's more help under Solar - Lifestyles - and lots more in our Information Links.

Read Solar Today Online.  Waste Free - See How It's Done!

Free Things You Can Do...Check it out.      

Make a MicroLoan & help someone to a better life.




Check Arizona League of Conservation Voters to see if your representative represents you.
Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission - WE WANT SOLAR INCENTIVES.

Center for Advancing a Steady State Economy - our hope for the future.

Join the Verde Resilient Communities Network

Invest in solar projects and earn interest at Solar Mosaic.

Go energy efficient at home.

Get active on climate change with

Want to learn how to green your business? Contact



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Tell Utilities Solar won't be Killed